Jan 28th 8:25pm


Jan 24th 8:28am


2018 Late Registration ($220)

Jan 20th 9:00am - 12:00pm (CVA)


CVA Spring 2018 Player Assessments

Jan 19th 1:00pm

We are revising our assessment schedule for this weekend to reflect the following:

Players LEAGUE AGE 6 & 7: 9AM to 11AM

Players LEAGUE AGE 8 & 9: 11AM - 1PM

Players LEAGUE AGE 10-12: 1PM - 3PM

Players 13 & 14 do not need to assess.

If you are not sure about your players league age, please refer to the pdf chart. Line up your player's birth month on top, then their birth year, and the age at the far right will tell you your players little league age. It is extremely important that your player attend the proper time slot. Managers need to properly assess each player as a way to address any safety concerns. Little league rules indicate that players are ONLY allowed to be chosen if they attend at least 50% (one of our 2 available days) of assessments.

Players will not be allowed to participate in our assessment if the registration process has not been completed in full. If your documents still need to be turned in, please reach out to player agent Ralph Rivera at and discuss ways to complete this before the assessments begin.

Here are some important notes regarding our assessment event:

* Bring proper equipment: Helmet, non metal cleats, cup, glove and NEW, little league approved baseball bat (USA stamp required or a standard wood bat). Athletic/baseball pants are highly suggested. CVA will have SOME bats available in the event that you do not have a qualified bat. This is MANDATORY when the league begins. Please refer any questions regarding this to our board.

* Please report early (preferrably an hour). Players need to check in with our CVA volunteers and warm up. The check in process may take an extensive amount of time so PLEASE be curteous and arrive early.

* Please do not block any vehicles in when parking.


2018 CVA Registration

Oct 31st 2:00pm

Pre-Registration for the 2018 Chula Vista American Little League season is now open using the button below.

Please note that the updated Volunteer Application, Little League Age Chart, and Residence Eligibility Rules are now available in our Downloads page.

You must pre-register online before attending one of our registration events, which are as follows:

Early Bird Registration ($140, no sibling discount):
Nov 4th 9am-12pm at CVA

Regular Registration ($180):
Nov 20th 5pm-730pm at Hilltop Middle COMPLETE!
Dec 9th 9am-12pm at Hilltop Elementary
Jan 13th 9am-12pm at Hilltop Elementary

Player Assessments / Late Registration ($220):
Jan 20th/21st at CVA

Spring 2018 Season Pre-Registration


2018 Little League Bat Rules

Aug 11th 10:00am

As CVA gets ready to start the 2017 Fall Ball season, we want to remind parents of the new Little League baseball bat rules that take effect for 2018.

Starting January 1, 2018, all bats used in Little League must meet the new USABat standard, meaning all current bats will not be allowed in Little League. These bats are just starting to be released, so almost all bats available in stores or online CANNOT be used next spring in Little League.

The Fall 2017 season will still use the OLD bats (USSSA 1.15), while the Spring 2018 season will need to use completely new bats that meet the USABat standard. We recommend that anyone considering buying a new bat for this fall or for next year carefully read the rules and select the right bat and time to buy based on their child.

Teams that are not a part of Little League (most travel teams, etc) are under separate rules, and most are not changing their bat rules at this time, so you will want to be aware of two separate sets of rules in many cases if your child plays both.

For more information on the Little League USABat standard: