Chula Vista American Little League

CVALL Standings

Jun 15th 3:09pm

CVA Majors Scores

Minor-A Standings

Red Sox22.5002.0

Chula Vista American Little League

Majors TOC

Jun 13th 8:58pm

Congratulations to the CVA Yankees on there great win tonight against park view!!! Please come support the CVA Yankees tomorrow as they will battle sweetwater valley @ sweetwater valley at 5:30. Please come and cheer for CVA!!!

Chula Vista American Little League

Movie Night

Jun 1st 7:30pm - 12:00pm (CVA Caps)

Chula Vista American Little League

Coach vs 12s Mosh Ball

Jun 1st 4:00pm - 12:00pm (CVA Majors)

Chula Vista American Little League

Home Run Derby

Jun 1st 1:00pm - 12:00pm (CVA Majors)

Chula Vista American Little League

Closing Ceremonies

Jun 1st 11:00am - 12:00pm (CVA Majors)

Chula Vista American Little League

Yearbook Information

May 21st 3:54pm

Beginning this week and through Closing Ceremonies, 2019 CVA Yearbooks will be on sale at the CVA Snack Bar for $15. We will also have 2018 Yearbooks at the same time (finally!), so if you had not ordered one and would like one, you can order at the same time.

If you would like to submit photos for the yearbook, you can upload them in the MyBallclub App one at a time, or visit to submit many at once. Photos should be uploaded by Saturday, May 25th to be considered for the yearbook.

12 year old dedication pages are also available for purchase at the CVA Snack Bar for $20, and must be submitted as an 8.5x11 PDF, PNG, or JPG (ideally at a 2550x3300 resolution) by Saturday, May 25.

Yearbooks will be sent to the printer immediately following closing ceremonies and will be available in early June when everyone is coming by to cheer on our TOC and All Star Teams.

For any questions, please contact

Chula Vista American Little League

CVA Board Member Opportunities

May 21st 3:45pm

As we near the end of our 2019 Spring Season, we will be selecting board members for each CVALL Executive Board Position. Each volunteer position has a one year term beginning Fall 2019 and running through Summer 2020.

The positions, and current members are:

President: Martin Gutierrez
Vice President of Operations: Brian Carter
Vice President of Public Relations: Claudia Kellogg
Player Agent: Ralph Rivera
Assistant Player Agent: Mark Bertolero
Treasurer: Karen Carpadakis
Safety Officer: Roman Cruz
Secretary: Michael Zambelli

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, or have any questions, please speak to any of the board members above, or email no later than Friday, May 24.

If multiple people are interested in a position, voting will take place on June 1st prior to closing ceremonies, when the new board will be introduced.

Chula Vista American Little League

Tow truck

May 18th 10:22am

A tow truck is being called for all these double parked cars

Chula Vista American Little League

Attention CVA Drivers

May 15th 2:30pm

We understand that the parking situation at CVA is not always "easy". Space is limited and there are no marked stalls. However, please use your common sense when parking at CVA.

*Do not park in the marked "Disabled Parking" spots if you
cannot display a current DMV Disabled placard.

*Do not box/block any vehicles in....(see picture of triple parked cars). There should only be 2 cars parked end to end. The person in the middle is blocked and cannot leave.


Thank you,
The CVA Board


May 15th 6:52am

Chula Vista American Little League

Thank You CVA!!

May 14th 8:05pm

A huge THANK YOU to all of you generous CVA friends, families and volunteers for your support on Saturday, May 11th during our #TeamAshley event!!! Through the T-Shirt/water bottle sales, snack bar proceeds and Coach Kellogg's donation bucket, we raised over $3000 for #TeamAshley. Pres. Martin Gutierrez was able to go visit Ashley and her family at Rady's Children's Hospital that evening!
Please continue to keep Ashley and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Chula Vista American Little League

Support #TeamAshley this Saturday!

May 9th 2:30pm

Please support one of our own, as a CVA family is in need!!
100% of this Saturday's snack bar proceeds will be going to this family, whose young daughter is fighting brain cancer. Please make sure to get your MVP, Double or Grand Slam Combo....or even an order or two of the best fries or nachos around!!
**Two CVA Sponsors have generously donated special jerseys for this young warriors' brothers' teams to wear.

#TeamAshley #fightchildhoodcancers

Chula Vista American Little League

Saturday Games!!!

May 3rd 8:29pm

Can’t wait for another exciting baseball weekend at CVA!!! We have some great baseball from majors to our tee ballers!!!! While you’re watching some great baseball, come and enjoy our famous cheese fries, chamangos, and frappes at the BEST snack bar in all of Chula Vista!!!! Also, our snack bar coordinator is bringing back the world famous mole fries starting at 11:00 am!!!! Can’t wait to see you there!!!

Chula Vista American Little League


Apr 30th 12:15pm

All games are good to go today!!!! I understand some parts in San Diego has hag some heavy rain today but we just walked the parking lot and fields and there ready for some baseball this evening!!!! See you all there.

Chula Vista American Little League


Apr 27th 5:29pm

Great day of baseball today!!! We missed watching our Tee ballers today at The Sandlot Jr. but I hope they all had a great time at the tball jamboree!!! I want to congratulate Luke Mendez, Shane Miranda, Aaron Wood and Jaxen Lopez for hitting some bombs today and adding to their Home Run totals!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Chula Vista American Little League

Mar 21st 4:04pm

All cva games cancelled at cva

Chula Vista American Little League

Games tonight!!!

Mar 21st 1:17pm

Good afternoon everyone, such a sunny day I really can’t believe the forecast is calling for rain today at 5!!!! As of now all cva games are on. All fields are good except the caps field. We will be moving the caps game between Padres vs pirates to the sandlot field game starts at 6:00. Thank you.

Chula Vista American Little League


Mar 12th 7:21am

Good morning everyone. We had too much rain last night, the fields and parking lot are full of water. We will have to cancel today games. All city fields are also closed. I will give everyone a update tomorrow morning on tomorrow games. Sorry for the bad news

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